Hi, Welcome to the website of Black Stump Cycles.
My name is Allan Crisp and I make Titanium bike frames.
As a part of this I also design, fabricate, weld, detail, and assemble completed bikes.

I love bikes and have been deeply involved in the bike industry for about 8 years and making bikes for about 6 years.
I am infatuated with making objects that are of top quality and showcase a distinctive Black Stump Cycles artistic flair.
My bikes are not cheap mass manufactured items, and my customers are people who value high end bikes and are willing to pay what they are worth.

Please continue to look over this website, check out my Facebook and Instagram pages and give me a call.
I hope I can be of service.


The Name
The Black Stump Cycles is name that took a while for me to get to, it was a journey in itself and to eventually come across it was indeed finding my Black Stump.

The Australian expression ‘black stump’ is the name for an imaginary point beyond which the country is considered remote or uncivilised, an abstract marker of the limits of established settlement.” Wikipedia

I feel as tho Black Stump Cycles captures that imaginary point of something that is not really civilized yet not totally remote, a point of familiar and the unfamiliar. Black Stump Cycles is all about creating bikes that take each of us to our escape, our point that is far away where we are comfortable being not quite comfortable.

Black Stump Cycles is about cool bikes that enable us to reach our Black Stump.

My story
My name is Allan Crisp, born in 1985 in the hills of far north Queensland.
I grew up traveling around, living in Fiji, the sunshine coast, Ipswich. And my family settled in Tasmania when I started my teenage years.
I did my apprenticeship in Tasmania as a Boilermaker/Welder.
And as soon as it was completed my itchy feet saw me traveling around Australia searching for challenging work and places to explore. At the age of 21 I was properly cementing myself as a Coded pipe welder in the chemical industries. This in turn made me leave Newcastle in NSW and travel West to the booming town of Perth.
After a few jobs offshore and up north and at the age of 23 I started my own Engineering company supplying coded welders to the petro-chemical industries. This is when I really found cycling as a form of mindfulness and escape of the stresses of an intense work life.
As an avid Mtber and Cyclist, the skills from my trade and the benefit of a equipped workshop I quickly started building frames, and this in turn became Titanium frames. I have been hand crafting titanium bikes since 2011.

Several years later and a retirement from running a fabrication and welding company I desire nothing more than helping others reach that place where they can escape whatever it is and really live while they ride a great bike.

My Goal
My endeavor is not to compete with any other bike manufacturers, I am offering something they do not have, that is a personal relationship with me and a truly individual product, there is no copies, not time savings by doing several pieces at once just complete dedication to one frame at a time for as long as it takes to get it perfect.
This is a personal service sale, with a great product attached.

Custom hand made Titanium bike frames made in Western Australia by Allan Crisp.


Bikes, bikes, bikes, that is all I am about.

Titanium bikes that is, I have dabbled in steel a few times but Titanium is where it is at. To my eyes there is no better material for bike frames, nothing has the corrosion resistance, the perfect balance of strength, weight, Young’s Modulus, and fatigue life. Yes Titanium can be beaten in each of these categories, but as a whole neat package, the ideal material for a custom one off frame that is made to last decades, Titanium will not be beaten!

I can make bikes of all breeds, Road, CX, Mountain, Dual-Suspension, Stride bikes, BMX, City, Fixie, Gravel Grinders and pretty much anything else imagined.

I don’t do models, and I don’t do set sizes.
Every bike is custom made based upon discussions with the client.
And sized to a professional fitting, clients requirements, or sizing done by myself.
Of course I guide my clients as best as I can, as I don’t want anyone to end up with a bad bike. But at the same time I don’t pretend to know all the answers and will not push my geometry on my clients.

Some of my frame specifications
I procure my Dropouts, BB, and other parts from Paragon Machine Works in USA, this is a well known and established supplier of frame building components for small frame-builders over the years.
I do tube butting in-house by non-centered grinding, externally butted, each tube is fully custom.
All my tubing is CWSR grade 9 unless specifically required otherwise.
I believe the English thread BSA is the best for Bottom Brackets.
I really like the 44mm semi-integrated head-tube, it allows for a whole combination of bearings and fork choices.



Social Media

Sorry to let you down.
But, I no longer use social media to advertise my work.

My reasoning for this is I believe social media has a major detrimental effect on society. I wish to have no part in supporting the damage being done.

Please view my Gallery page to see some evidence of my work, otherwise come see me in person or talk to one of the many people riding around on a Black Stump bike.